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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  1. Supervise and guide the local on-site teams of telemarketing in Indonesia.
  2. Optimize the performance of the management and operation process and provide support to call center teams.
  3. Analyze the business data and make optimization for business adjustments based on the data results and act as a trainer to train agents.
  4. Familiar with CRM system, maintain communication with the HQ team , coordinate with local post-loan business department.
  5. Understand the telemarketing process and skills


  1. Strong analytic skills : Analyze the performance of each agents
  2. Attention to details : Monitor the performance
  3. Language English : communicate with HQ
  4. Able to work in team : Operations need to work together with the dedicated division
  5. Have experience in telemarketing before : to know better about telemarketing
  6. Have a bachelor degree 
Tentang PT Indonesia Fintopia Technology (Easycash)

Fintopia Indonesia (PT Indonesia Fintopia Technology) is a subsidiary of Fintopia Inc. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Beijing, China. Fintopia Inc. provides affordable financial services for everyone, especially for those unbanked and underserved. Fintopia Inc. quickly expands across Asia with Indonesia being its second largest market by transaction volume.

Fintopia Indonesia (established in 2017), led by its product Easycash, has 24 million cumulative registered users and has provided IDR30.5 trillion of total accumulative loans since its establishment. The company has more than 4 millions total accumulated borrowers with various backgrounds, such as small business owners, farmers, students, and other professions

Tech Company, Fintech
Jakarta, Indonesia
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