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Aura Esports

Talent Manager (MCN)

Job Description

  • Build and maintain long-term relationships with talents/influencers such as celebrities, influencers and affiliators for the live-streaming section.
  • Be responsible for talents' training and management.
  • Support talents/influencers to improve their content performance and reputation.
  • Participate in drafting and revising related policies of talents/influencers management.
  • Collaborate with talents/influencers to join activities and to produce the featured content.


  • Bachelor's degree or above. More than 2 years of working experience which is related to talents/influencers management
  • Candidates who's used to work with, or have the connections with affiliators, media, celebrities and live streaming applications are preferred.
  • Professional, patient and skillful communication with talents/influencers.
  • Result oriented, good capacity for pressure.
  • Highly developed written, communication, and negotiation

Job Information

Experience Requirement
Junior (1-3 YoE)
Job Type
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


  • Competitive Salary
    Competitive Salary
  • THR / Bonus system
    THR / Bonus system
  • Period Leave
    Period Leave
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With a focus on competitive gaming, we organize and host e-sports tournaments, events, and leagues that showcase the skills and talents of professional gamers. Our company strives to create a vibrant community, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for players, fans, and partners. Through cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, we aim to elevate the e-sports industry and deliver unforgettable experiences to the gaming community.

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Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
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50–100 employees
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