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Social Media Strategist

Spilla Jewelry

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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • Mengembangkan dan mengimplementasikan strategi media sosial (Instagram dan Tiktok)
  • Membuat konten baik hardselling atau softselling
  • Mengelola dan mengawasi konten media sosial, serta mengukur setiap keberhasilan campaign media sosial
  • Membuat brief konten untuk endorse (IG dan Tiktok)
  • Bekerja dengan tim kreatif untuk memastikan konten informatif dan menarik, serta kinerja media sosial sesuai dengan KPI


  • Berpengalaman minimal 2 tahun sebagai Social Media Strategis tau sejenisnya
  • Mempunyai pengetahuan yang baik terhadap Media Sosial, khususnya Instagram dan Tiktok
  • Berpikir kritis dan solutif
  • Mempunyai keahlian dalam copywriting dan desain kreatif
  • Mempunyai kemampuan untuk mengidentifikasi target audiens
  • Mempunyai kemampuan untuk manajemen waktu dan multitasking yang baik
Tentang Spilla Jewelry

Spilla Jewelry is an Indonesian corporation that is engaged in the design, development, marketing and selling of the jewelry specialized in Wedding ring from the Silver, Gold, Palladium and Platinum material.

Spilla Jewelry offers and alternative to the wedding and engagement ring purchase. Her modern approach to jewelry design embodies the brand mission - Make beautiful keepsakes that celebrate unique and personal milestones. Each design is effortless, and easy to wear.

All material used by Spilla are sourced through environmentally responsible procedures, and great care is taken with the custom fabrication of each piece. Our goals is that everything from the experience to the finished product, be as close to perfect as humanly possible.

We always strive to continue to grow in all areas of the manufacturing company. Human resources, products, and employee welfare.

Luxury Goods & Jewelry
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Ukuran Perusahaan
50–100 employees


Here, we work together to make the dream work
Our team is flexible and resilient in the face of adversities
Continuous ambition for progress and finding the best means to make it happen