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Senior Strategy Analyst Supervisor

Akulaku Indonesia

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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  1. Responsible for daily monitoring of post-loan performance data indicators, and regularly output reports in the form of reports;
  2. Regularly conduct data analysis and review on the profitability of cooperation projects, and propose solutions based on the analysis results;
  3. Be able to fully understand the strategy market implemented and deployed by the headquarters, and carry out practical operations and optimization. At the same time, respond to various compliance adjustment project tasks proposed by supervision and the board of directors.
  4. Be able to fully understand and master the report monitoring system of the headquarters, and lead the local team to split related work to achieve localization of data analysis.


  1. More than 3 years of experience in data analysis in financial companies
  2. Master statistical methods and tools, and be familiar with methods related to statistical testing of models;
  3. Clear logic, proactive, strong communication skills, good at teamwork;
  4. fluent in english
Tentang Akulaku Indonesia

Akulaku is a leading banking and digital finance platform in Southeast Asia, with a presence in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Akulaku exists to help meet the daily financial needs of underserved customers in emerging markets through digital banking, digital financing, digital investment, and insurance brokerage services.

In addition to the Akulaku virtual credit card and ecommerce platform, the company operates Asetku, an online wealth management platform and Neobank, a mobile digital bank supported by Bank Neo Commerce. Akulaku’s mission is to serve 50 million users across Southeast Asia by the year 2025.

Financial Services
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Ukuran Perusahaan
>100 employees


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