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Recruitment Specialist

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Are you passionate about connecting talent with opportunity and thriving in an environment where innovation meets inclusivity? Chronicle invites you to embark on a journey where your enthusiasm for recruitment, technology, and diversity converge to shape our dynamic team. We seek individuals who cherish their own values and are committed to bringing the same ethos to Chronicle. If you're passionate about recruitment, technology, and diversity, join us in Bali.

Who are we?

At Chronicle, we believe in the power of connection and accessibility to honour history. Our innovative digital platform revolutionizes cemetery record management, empowering administrators and communities alike. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where diversity thrives, ensuring everyone's story is preserved and celebrated.

As a Recruitment Specialist at Chronicle, your responsibilities are:

  • Craft compelling job descriptions and postings to attract top-tier talent
  • Harness the power of AI and technology to source candidates across multiple platforms
  • Conduct thorough screenings and interviews, leveraging AI-driven assessments for informed decisions
  • Facilitate seamless candidate communication and scheduling to optimize efficiency
  • Cultivate a network of tech-savvy professionals to bolster our talent pipeline
  • Stay abreast of industry trends, integrating cutting-edge AI recruitment practices
  • Collaborate with hiring managers to understand departmental needs and develop tailored recruitment strategies
  • Conduct regular market analysis to identify emerging trends and adjust recruitment tactics accordingly
  • Implement diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout the recruitment process to foster a diverse workforce
  • Provide timely and insightful feedback to candidates to enhance their experience and strengthen our employer brand
  • Participate in employer branding activities and recruitment events to attract top talent



  • Bachelor's degree in HR, business, or a related field (preferred).
  • 3+ years of proven experience in recruitment, talent acquisition, or a related role with the assistance of AI and technology.
  • Strong knowledge of sourcing and candidate assessment techniques, including AI-driven assessments.
  • Exceptional communication and negotiation skills
  • Familiarity with applicant tracking systems and HR software
  • A collaborative spirit coupled with the ability to work independently
  • A solution-oriented mindset and adaptability to evolving AI advancements.
  • Experience in designing and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives throughout the recruitment process.

At Chronicle, we celebrate diversity and believe in creating an environment where everyone's story matters. If you are a passionate professional who excels at delivering exceptional client experiences and is dedicated to positive change, we invite you to join our team in Bali. Take the next step in your career by applying today! Together, we can preserve and honour our collective history in a way that fosters inclusivity and equality.

Job Information

Experience Requirement
Junior (1-3 YoE)
Mid (4-5 YoE)
Senior (>5 YOE)
Job Type
Bali, Indonesia


  • Competitive Salary
    Competitive Salary
  • Period Leave
    Period Leave
  • THR / Bonus system
    THR / Bonus system
  • Medical Insurance
    Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
    Dental Insurance
  • International Exposure
    International Exposure

Skills Needed

Talent Acquisition
BEI Interview
About Chronicle
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Managing your own digital presence for your community’s cemetery is now simpler than ever.

Create your own digital cemetery, reflecting its physical plots. Upload your existing records from old spreadsheets and never worry about losing age-old data ever again. Once you’ve built your cemetery on our easy-to-use, digital platform, you’re ready to share the history and memory of your community with the world. Focus on what matters – people, their memory, and their legacy.

At Chronicle, we pride ourselves on providing a service to tell the life story of the community and those individuals that have made it what it is today. The local cemetery is where our loved ones are laid to rest. Serving as a place of memory, history, and, ultimately, peace.

We create new, experiential ways to communicate spatial data among our community. By connecting visitors meaningfully to cemeteries with rich maps and tours, Chronicle keeps memories alive through a beautiful, visual experience.

Chronicle aims to make powerful, user-friendly, digital cemetery software that is accessible to all sizes and types of cemeteries.




Bali, Indonesia
Company Size
1–50 employees


We strive to constantly pursue innovation of our products and services
Strong belief and efforts are the base to achieve long term success
Everyone should be treated with courtesy and professionalism
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