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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • Have the role, responsibility, authority and accountability 
  • Conduct a review of requirements along with the Product Manager to determine acceptance criteria / test and scenario analysis of all requirements resulting by users. 
  • Prepare the artifact required for test execution process: test plan, test scenario, test case and test result 
  • Conducting the software process testing based on testing strategy and testing phase : functional test, regression test and automation test 

Reports and communicate the testing process to all project members related to business : 

  1. Make a report to the test scenarios, test cases and test scripts that have been created. 
  2. Make a report to the test (test execution report – capture execution process) 
  3. Record evidence and report bugs and defects during the test. 
  4. Evaluate the current business processes that will be affected by the software system 
  5. Make recommendations for software systems that will support and improve the flow of work in the business 

Ensuring individual reporting obligations walking timely, accurate and effective: 

  1. Compile a report on the activities carried out at regular intervals (weekly) 
  2. Prepare reports periodically to the project leaders (Project Manager, Product Manager or Business Analyst Lead) 
  3. Perform administrative liability through the organization's internal applications such as Timesheet, etc. 
  • Works with other consultants and employees that installing and configuring the systems according to the plan developed in the planning stages of the project. 
  • Corresponds with Product managers, keeping the lines of communication open regarding the project's process. 
  • Once the project team finishes implementing the system, the functional consultant remains on the job, testing the system, answering questions about how the system works and generally making sure the new software is behaving as expected 


  • Minimum S1 majoring in MIPA or IT (Computer Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Information Systems, Information Management, Computer Science, Computer Systems, Information Technology) 
  • Have experience in IT Quality Assurance field at least 1 year 
  • Have good & thorough analytical skills 
  • Have good ability in Problem Finding and Problem Solving 
  • Able to work in a team and have good interpersonal skills 
  • Have knowledge related to testing documentation (test scenarios, test results) 
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