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Arya Noble is the brains behind Indonesia's leading DermaBeauty companies with a comprehensive ecosystem which patrons its two strong groups: Erha Group and Genero Group.

Here at Arya Noble, you involved in create masterpieces to make our customers' lives are exciting and full of hope. We offer an #ExcitingJourney experiences where you have a great environment that will supports you to grow and makes every one of us are ready to lead a purposeful and successful life. 

This is your chance to experience #ExcitingJourney by joining us if you have the passion with these following criteria:

Do you embrace your love and passion for the following activities?

  • Gather user requirements for organizational fulfillment (structure, job descriptions, additional manpower) and analyze alignment with company needs to create accurate job sets and recommendations.
  • Conduct job analysis across functions and business units at Arya Noble to identify responsibilities, roles, and expectations for each position.
  • Develop Objective Key Results for leadership positions and Key Performance Indicators for non-leadership positions by analyzing job descriptions and organizational objectives to provide metrics for evaluating job holders.
  • Analyze employee fulfillment requests, mutations, or rotations across functions and business units at Arya Noble to maintain manpower planning and support human resource needs.
  • Conduct workload analysis to identify position loads or analyze the optimal number of manpower in the organization.
  • Maintain positive relationships and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to achieve operational excellence.
  • Manage the organization development database by updating Employee Request Form (ERF) and Employee Movement Form (EMF) to the dashboard, updating the HRIS system, organizational structure, and other related OD data to achieve operational excellence.
  • Manage Manpower Planning (MPP) data to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information, supporting the analysis of organizational productivity.
  • Support organizational change management by preparing data for implementation and analyzing the impact or results of the change.
  • Monitor the organization development dashboard and generate reports for ongoing OD activities (ERF, EMF, etc.) to be processed and evaluated.


Does it match your criteria?

  • Bachelor's degree in Management, Psychology, or Industrial Engineering Major.
  • 1-2 years of experience in Organization Development or Human Resources Field is a plus, but fresh graduates are welcome.
  • Strong understanding about Human Capital and Organization Development.
  • Having business understanding.
  • Proficiency in workload analysis, job analysis, Microsoft Excel, and data literacy.

Now we'd love to see your talents and start your #ExcitingJourney by submit your profiles (CV). See you then!

Tentang Arya Noble

Arya Noble, Indonesia’s first Intelligent Derma Beauty investment and strategic holdings company, has achieved significant success in the nation’s skin and hair care industry with leading brands like ERHA Clinical Group, Genero Group, ERHA OTC, and finally renowned Padangnese Cuisine, Marco by Chef Marco Lim. This success is driven by our innovative and dedicated employees, the Aryaners, who continuously disrupt societal standards by making beauty accessible and affordable.

Our team, fondly known as Aryaners, work daily to create impactful solutions for skin-related issues, enhancing lifestyles and improving standards of living. With a commitment to vision and growth, they adapt to changing times, delivering value through modern and technologically advanced services. Arya Noble aims to be a hub of change, innovation, and endless possibilities, shaping a brighter future through our products, services, and people. Join the Aryaners and be part of this transformative journey.

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Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
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