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MOLOGIZ Order Planner (Logistic)


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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Menjalankan fungsi perencanaan dan pengalokasian order sesuai dengan peraturan, teknik, prosedur, dan pedoman yang berlaku dengan tujuan agar permintaan dan kebutuhan customer dapat terpenuhi dengan baik.   

  1. Fulfillment Order: Dapat melakukan pemenuhan permintaan yang diberikan oleh shipper 
  2. Data Verification: Memastikan seluruh data yang ada di sistem terkait akta usaha shipper telah terinput dengan baik ; Melakukan penginputan order ke sistem untuk corporate customer; Melakukan penginputan order dari customer melalui sistem TMS.
  3. Monitoring: Mengawasi tingkat cancel order akibat kendala operasional yang dialami oleh transporter; Memastikan tidak ada kendala yang terjadi pada driver selama proses pengiriman barang .
  4. Menyusun kebutuhan/forecast/projection kebutuhan unit transporter setiap harinya.
  5. Memberikan pelatihan penggunaan aplikasi kepada pihak shipper .


  1. Tingkat Pendidikan Minimum SI; Management Transportasi & Logistic; Management, Business dan Jurusan lainnya
  2. Pengalaman Kerja Min 1 tahun di industri Logistik / Forwarding / Startup Logistic
  3. Kompetensi lainnya : Google sheet, Microsoft Office, Transport Management System (TMS)  
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Negotiation skills dan communication skill
  6. Bersedia bekerja di luar jam kerja
Tentang MODENA

Founded in the 1960s in Northern Italy, MODENA is a global technology group of companies. Since 1981, MODENA has strategically shifted its operations to Asia. Its playing fields cover Home, Professional, Technology, Energy, and Mobility, which are supported by an innovative design studio in Italy and R&D centers across the world. MODENA products are manufactured and distributed, under international certifications and management systems, ensuring seamless integration into global markets.  

Today, MODENA’s vision is to become a driving force towards an interconnected world. MODENA’s product lines are continuously upgraded with a mission to elevate the everyday human experience. Highly engineered with modern designs and cutting-edge technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), MODENA is committed to bringing the smartest, most interconnected innovations to modern consumers for a better world, better future.

At MODENA, our diverse and talented team is at the heart of our growth. They bring creativity and expertise to everything we do. 

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Appliances, Electrical, And Electronics Manufacturing
Jakarta, Indonesia
Ukuran Perusahaan


Swift in handling new challenges and producing new ideas to improve
Our company is comprised of enthusiastic and positive-spirited people
Our team is flexible and resilient in the face of adversities