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Human Resources Generalist


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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

The HR Generalist will be responsible for handling HR duties including recruitment, onboarding, performance management, employee relations, compensation, and benefits. The Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Specialist is responsible for identifying, attracting, and recruiting top talent for the organization. They are also responsible for developing and implementing effective recruitment strategies to meet the organization's talent needs.

1. Develop and execute effective recruitment strategies to attract top talent

2. Identify and source candidates through various channels, including job postings, social media, and networking events

3. Conduct interviews and assess candidates' skills, qualifications, and cultural fit

4. Conduct new hire orientation and assist with onboarding

5. Provide guidance and support to managers and employees on HR-related issues

6. Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in recruitment and talent acquisition

7. Manage employee relations and address employee concerns and grievances

8. Assist with performance management process and maintain performance management system

9. Administer employee benefits programs and assist employees with benefits-related inquiries

10. Ensure compliance with federal and state employment laws and regulations

11. Prepare and set up human development schedule


1. Preferably women

2. Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related field

3. Proven experience in recruitment and talent acquisition, preferably in the IT industry

4. Strong knowledge of recruitment best practices, including sourcing, interviewing, and candidate selection

5. Ability to build strong relationships with hiring managers and candidates

6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

7. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

8. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and manage multiple priorities

9. Experience with applicant tracking systems and other recruitment tools

10. Knowledge of labor laws and regulations related to recruitment and hiring

11. Strong attention to detail and ability to multitask

12. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills


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