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Consultant Nutritionist (Sales)

PT Sejuta Kawan Sejahtera (Sedaya)

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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  1. Probe the potential end user healthy needs to give solution through Sirka Program or healthy product provided by Sirka Shop
  2. Provide 1-1 Consultation to freemium user (offline & online)
  3. Analyze & Report insight of traffic potential end user


  1. Bachelor of Nutrition (Having active STR is a must)
  2. Deep understanding of Clinical Nutrition
  3. Customer and Service Oriented
  4. Eager to Learn
  5. Target Oriented
Tentang PT Sejuta Kawan Sejahtera (Sedaya)

Sedaya is a company focused on providing consulting and staffing solutions to businesses, with a specific goal of empowering Indonesians through honesty, dedication, and technological proficiency. Our vision to be ambitious, aiming to impact a significant number of individuals in Indonesia. We emphasis on strategic outsourcing services suggests a commitment to helping businesses optimize operations and achieve goals, driven by a mission to make a meaningful difference in Indonesia's business landscape while fostering personal and professional growth among its people.

Consulting and Outsourcing
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Ukuran Perusahaan
1–50 employees


Swift in handling new challenges and producing new ideas to improve
We strive to constantly pursue innovation of our products and services
Here, we work together to make the dream work