Senior Manager Manufacturing

Job Description

  • Building effective leadership team and ensure successors for key positions are developed, provide leadership and coaching/mentoring of talent pipeline
  • Provide strategic development for production and operations to ensure safe operations in compliance with regulatory and organizations safety and environmental program standards and goals
  • Control production and non-production activities carried out in the work unit in accordance with the plans, standards and procedures determined to achieve product quality and safety policies and objectives with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction in accordance with applicable standards. Lead and direct all development functions required by the company
  • Monitor the achievement of performance (KPI) that has been determined
  • Approve, control and evaluate costs/expenses to ensure that all expenses incurred are in accordance with the established budget
  • Maximizing machine and material performance efficiency and minimizing problems/problems to reduce operational costs
  • Coordinating all daily activities between the production and operation team and be the bridge between the team with the procurement and sales department, as well as other supporting functions
  • Working with equipment vendors for the modification, maintenance and improvement of the existing plant
  • Developing a Quality Management System including production procedures, work-instructions, maintenance schedules and spare part management
  • Effectively managing communications with all shareholders to drive business improvement plans on behalf of the Board of Directors
  • Collaborating with Purchasing and the supply chain to continuously improve quality of incoming feedstock
  • Planning, analysing and managing financial performance of the entity, driving cost control and ongoing financial improvement plans
  • Proactively manage cash flow to ensure the business is stable and financially liquid to meet its ongoing payment obligations
  • Promoting key management processes and lead culture development activities across the business in accordance with company values
  • Leading the financial department, human resources department and other departments to establish and improve management systems, policies and approval processes for major financial expenditures and personnel decisions
  • Building and maintain relationships with customers and all other external stakeholders (third party)


  • Bachelor or Master Degree holder major from, Food Technology, Engineering and a related field or equivalent experience
  • Min. 5 years have experience in Factory Food Company as Sales Manager/Plant Manager/Business Development Manager, preferably from Frozen Food Company
  • Have experience and responsibility for budgets, operational planning, and strategy business for plant/factory
  • Excellent leadership, interpersonal skills with high personal integrity, strong project management knowledge experience and professional qualifications are preferable
  • Fluency in English
  • Experience with automised production processes, preventive maintenance, spare part management
  • Strong strategic agility and business understanding
  • Analytical skills and financial management acumen
  • Structured and organized orientation to work with strong communication skills

Skills Needed

Frozen Food Company
Manufacturing Process
Sales Management
About PT. Sarimelati Kencana Tbk.
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The Company was established in 1987 and is engaging businesses in a consumer food service industry, particularly pizza and pasta in Indonesia through the franchise owned by the Company. After developed the Pizza Hut brand in Indonesia for two decades, the Company was acquired by Sriboga Group in 2004, and since the acquisition, the growth of the Company’s outlets was rapidly increase. The Company has been supported by Sriboga Group with various support and guidance from SRR or other company in Sriboga group. Based on the Euromonitor's Report, in 2016 the Company was the largest pizza chain and, with a market share of 86.6%, with PHR holding a 97.0% market share and PHD holding a 64.6% market share. As of November, 2022, the Company operated PHR 317 outlets and 286 PHD outlets located in 28 provinces in Indonesia. The Company's restaurants and outlets offer a wide range of high quality pizza and complementary menus to its customers.

Food And Beverages
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
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We uphold honesty and virtue in every single product/service we deliver
We put great emphasis on preserving the high existing standard of our products/services
We strive to constantly pursue innovation of our products and services
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