SAP Cutover Consultant

Job Description

  • Project Leadership: Lead a project team throughout all phases of SAP HANA system implementation.
  • Testing and Configuration: Oversee testing activities, system configuration, and the implementation of changes to ensure SAP HANA functionality aligns with project requirements.
  • Data Migration: Manage the data migration process, encompassing data extraction, transformation, loading, and validation.
  • Cutover Management: Plan, coordinate, and execute the cutover process, ensuring a seamless transition from the old solution to the new SAP HANA system on the designated go-live date.
  • Integration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate the SAP HANA system with other business applications and processes.


  • Proven experience in SAP HANA system implementation, configuration, and support.
  • Strong understanding of SAP HANA testing, data migration, and cutover processes.
  • Project management skills, including leadership and coordination of project teams.
  • In-depth knowledge of SAP HANA integration with other systems and applications.
  • Proficiency in data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Effective communication and collaboration abilities.
About PT Jasa Teknologi Informasi
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PT. Jasa Teknologi Informasi IBM, in short also known as IBM-JTI, is a wholly owned subsidiary of PT. IBM Indonesia.

IBM-JTI provides Total solution services, from IT Infrastructure aspect: Hardware and Software, to the Business aspect, which includes not only IBM Products but also other leading non IBM Products. IBM-JTI will propose the best available solutions that meet Clients needs and requirements regardless the Brand of the Products.

As an IBM company, we embrace IBM Values and Business Conduct Guidelines. IBM-JTI aims to build the company into a well established and respectable Indonesia company with a strong management team by continuing strive for excellence and commitment to quality, providing effective and efficient Solution to Clients, contributing to the country in creating job opportunities and transfer of advanced technology.

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