Job Description

  • Mencari pelanggan potensial, memperkenalkan produk, dan menjual produk perusahaan kepada mereka.
  • Bertanggung jawab atas mencapai target penjualan yang telah ditentukan oleh perusahaan.
  • Berinteraksi dengan pelanggan, menawarkan penawaran, dan melakukan negosiasi untuk mencapai kesepakatan penjualan.
  • Melakukan penagihan kepada pelanggan sesuai dengan persyaratan yang telah disepakati.


  • Pendidikan min. Diploma (D3).
  • Dapat mengendarai motor (memiliki SIM C).
  • Kemampuan komunikasi dan pemasaran yang baik.
  • Gigih dan inovatif.
About PT.Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk
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Enseval as Indonesia's largest Healthcare Product Distribution Company has been reached all areas in Indonesia through its 48 branches. Furthermore, Enseval also expanded its contribution of Indonesia’s better health service through selling raw materials for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics purpose, as well as medical and health diagnostic tools.

Enseval has the vision to be a leading and integrated distribution and logistics company through service excellence, competent people and advanced technology. This vision is followed by the company’s mission to contribute in improving the quality of health and delivering the best health care products for Indonesia.

Through the passion and commitment for providing better quality of health for Indonesia’s families, Enseval has been grown to have 46 branches all over big cities in Indonesia and five subsidiaries that run business in various areas:

PT Tri Sapta Jaya – operates in distribution sector for pharmaceutical and health care products. The company focus is more to expand its delivery line in lower market segments and more remote areas.

PT Millenia Dharma Insani – providing health services through building clinics namely Mitra Sana. The main idea of this company is to offer affordable and integrated health facilities, consisting clinics, pharmacies, and mini markets.

PT Enseval Medika Prima – focus more in marketing and trading sectors, particularly trading and marketing of health devices.

PT Global Cemindo Megatrading – is a company that concentrates in selling raw materials, as due to rapid growth in such business sectors.

PT Renalmed Tiara Utama – the company mission is to acquire the business from third parties to supply materials and hemodialysis machines for kidney failure patients to multiple hospitals and clinics.

With its contribution in enhancing quality of life in Indonesia for more than 42 years, Enseval touches so many people lives in so many different ways

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Jakarta Timur, Indonesia
Company Size
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