IT Project Manager

Job Description

  • Work closely with engineering teams to get high-quality products and features throughout the software development life cycle (build, test and release on time).
  • Manage technical projects or programs, track milestones and schedule for the many moving parts that need to come together.
  • Making sure relevant stake holders are keep informed on milestone and project/programs progression.
  • Ensure product adoption by users.
  • Use exceptional communication skills to understand and communicate both engineering issues, project strategy and managing user expectation.
  • Work as a productive member of the team, work closely with engineers and execute ad hoc tasks.


  • Your track record speaks for itself – you’ve conquered the realm of project management, and tech innovation is your playground.
  • Your communication style is like no other, translating complex tech nuances into narratives that resonate.
  • Project schedules, milestones, and details are your jam, and you’re known for meticulous attention to these fine points.
  • You have a knack for making tech relevant and exciting for stakeholders and users alike.
  • Team player? That’s an understatement. You’re a collaborative powerhouse that fuels collective success.

Skills Needed

Project Management
Project Life Cycle Management
IT Project Management
Software Development
Product Management
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