Job Description

  1. In charge of running a promotional event/campaign for one or several Brands/Products.
  2. Planning concept and implementation of promotional events/campaign Brands/Products
  3. Preparing the equipment and product packages needed for promotional events.
  4. Assist superiors in calculating the budget and negotiating with the Event Organizer / Vendor.
  5. Coordinate with the Event Organizer/Vendor regarding the location of the event, layout, events, etc.
  6. Monitor, supervise, and make improvements if necessary for event execution
  7. Evaluate Brands/Products marketing event cycle


  1. Candidate must own at least S1 from all major
  2. Preferably candidate with at least 2-year marketing event work experienced
  3. Having good communication skills, problem-solving skills, initiative, teamwork, leadership and a strong sense of responsibility.

Skills Needed

Event Planning
Event Organizing
Strategic Marketing
Sales And Marketing
Event Management
About Wings Group Indonesia (Sayap Mas Utama)
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What is today a major corporation that exports its products around the world began life over 60 years ago in East Java. Over the years, Wings has grown to become one of Indonesia's well-known brands.

The company's first products were soap and detergent, which proved a hit with customers. Soon other cleaning products were introduced and distribution channels were established across Indonesia. The next few decades saw Wings steadily expand its product lines and now produces and sell hundreds of SKUs of household, personal care and food products.

Today, Wings is recognized as a leading local manufacturer and distributor of household and personal care products. Blending local knowledge and advanced manufacturing technologies, Wings is still dedicated to company's vision of providing quality products at affordable prices.

Consumer Goods
Jakarta Timur, Indonesia
Company Size
>100 employees
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