KOL Specialist

Job Description

  • Proposing options, making list, and executing for micro, macro, mega and even celebrity KOL for brands
  • Making script and KOL guidance for project purposes according to marketing and branding team needs
  • Making letter of agreement corresponding to project details
  • Coordinate with KOL for making User Generated Content by photographs or videos
  • Coordinate with marketing and creative team in order to manage contents which are given by clients for marketing contents


  • Proven experience in the same field (1 year)
  • Experienced in coordinating and briefing with lots of Micro, Macro, or Mega KOL
  • Experienced in making new ideas and content details for Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube are preferable
  • Willing to join shootings with KOL for project purposes
  • Aggressive in growing internal and client’s brands further
  • Capable of coordinating in teams and executing projects (Design, Video, and Marketing teams)
  • Have the initiative to try and exploring new contents and KOL

Skills Needed

KOL Specialist
KOL Management
Talent Management
Talent Sourcing
Influencer Marketing
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Sharkmind is Business & Marketing Partner Company. We are looking for professional talents with high integrity who enjoy an agile work environment and are eager to expand their knowledge while pursuing a career as a part of Sharkmind team

Business And Marketing Partner
Jakarta, Indonesia
Company Size
50–100 employees


We uphold honesty and virtue in every single product/service we deliver
Continuous ambition for progress and finding the best means to make it happen
Swift in handling new challenges and producing new ideas to improve
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