Finance Controller Supervisor

Job Description

Job Overview

We are currently looking for a Finance Controller Supervisor to join our team. This role is responsible for overseeing and managing the financial activities, reporting, compliance, and strategic financial planning within the company. The Finance Controller Supervisor plays a vital role in ensuring financial stability, accuracy, and integrity while providing leadership and guidance to a team of financial analysts or controllers.

Job Role

  • Monitoring and evaluating monthly financial reports
  • Design, coordinate, and evaluate administrative finance policy
  • Review the realization of the company's work periodically or routinely
  • Monitor and control operational expenses
  • Carry out field audits
  • Update data on events that may pose potential risks to the company and report it immediately to management
  • Keep track of emerging financial difficulties
  • Examining the audit report


  • Preferably have at least 4-5 years of experience in the similar industry/field
  • Excellent skills in making decision linked to the company's finances (cash turnover/cash flow)
  • Having the knowledge and competency in effective financial management
  • Strong knowledge and research skills on all finance and accounting issuses
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