DevOps Engineer

Job Description

  1. Responsible for sorting out and refining customers' daily problems and needs, optimizing processing efficiency, and promoting the implementation of customer needs
  2. Can handle all kinds of emergency events 7*24, to ensure the high availability and stability of the business system, analyze the system bottleneck
  3. Explore emerging operation and maintenance technologies to continuously improve system operation and maintenance capabilities, constantly reduce system risks, responsible for data center server maintenance and application deployment
  4. Responsible for business financial IT compliance audit based on OJK audit standards to address OJK regulations.
  5. Independently manage the Akulaku financial system, including complete control over version releases, system monitoring, capacity planning, emergency drills, alarm responses, and emergency automation.
  6. Develop a robust system disaster recovery strategy to achieve cross-data center disaster recovery deployment for the system.


  1. Well understanding about Cloud (AWS, Alibaba, GCP), Linux, MySQL, Nginx, MQ (RocketMQ or rabbitMQ, Apollo, Eureka/consul, Jenkins, Redis, Prometheus, ELK, Grafana, Microservices (spring boot
  2. Must be proficient in Kafka and Elasticsearch.
  3. Proficient in Java microservices.
  4. Understand financial compliance.
  5. Have knowledge of the structured SRE system.
  6. Exceptional troubleshooting skills.
About Akulaku Indonesia
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Akulaku is a leading e-commerce platform and digital financial ecosystem in Southeast Asia, operating in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. With a wide range of products and flexible payment options, Akulaku connects sellers with millions of buyers in the region. Through its digital financial services, Akulaku empowers individuals to conveniently manage their finances and access essential products. Committed to customer satisfaction, Akulaku continues to enhance its offerings, providing accessible e-commerce and financial solutions throughout Southeast Asia.

Financial Services
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Company Size
>100 employees


We strive to constantly pursue innovation of our products and services
Our team is flexible and resilient in the face of adversities
Here, we work together to make the dream work
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