Change Management & Communications Expert

Job Description

  1. Merancang strategi dan pendekatan manajemen perubahan yang komprehensif.
  2. Merancang dan melaksanakan strategi dan rencana komunikasi yang komprehensif.
  3. Merancang dan melaksanakan rencana pelatihan yang komprehensif.


  1. Gelar lanjutan dalam ilmu Teknik, Commerce, Ilmu Komputer, Administrasi Bisnis, bidang terkait, atau pengalaman yang setara 
  2. Memiliki setidaknya 7 tahun pengalaman di bidang manajemen perubahan, komunikasi dan training. 
  3. Memiliki pengalaman di industri listrk dan utilitas menjadi nilai tambah.
  4. Memiliki pengalaman dalam men-deliver manajemen perubahan, komunikasi dan program pelatihan.
About PT Jasa Teknologi Informasi
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PT. Jasa Teknologi Informasi IBM, in short also known as IBM-JTI, is a wholly owned subsidiary of PT. IBM Indonesia.

IBM-JTI provides Total solution services, from IT Infrastructure aspect: Hardware and Software, to the Business aspect, which includes not only IBM Products but also other leading non IBM Products. IBM-JTI will propose the best available solutions that meet Clients needs and requirements regardless the Brand of the Products.

As an IBM company, we embrace IBM Values and Business Conduct Guidelines. IBM-JTI aims to build the company into a well established and respectable Indonesia company with a strong management team by continuing strive for excellence and commitment to quality, providing effective and efficient Solution to Clients, contributing to the country in creating job opportunities and transfer of advanced technology.

IT Services And IT Consulting
Jakarta, Indonesia
Company Size
>100 employees
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