Account Manager at Qualita

Job Description

The scope of work in a design and printing company encompasses the specific activities and responsibilities involved in managing the production, logistics, and overall operations of the business.

Job Description

  • Project Management: Providing regular updates on project progress, addressing any client concerns or issues, Proactively recommending initiatives to continuously improve, working closely with the project manager
  • Workflow and Process Optimization: Building processes based on our business activity, analyzing and streamlining workflow processes to maximize efficiency and reduce lead times.
  • Client Relationship Management: Assist client with their daily requirement and project, Making sure daily activities of client delivery is running smoothly, working closely with the production & creative team.
  • Strategic Planning: Developing strategic partnerships and campaigns to build good relationships result in a comprehensive understanding of the business objectives



  • Excellent communication skill
  • Problem solver who employs creativity, analytical thinking, and decision-making skills to develop innovative approaches or strategies
  • A bachelor's degree or master's degree in any major
  • Possess more than 2 years of experience in a related role
  • Have a great understanding of the design & printing industry
  • Having a strong confidence and outgoing personality
  • Able to build strong and healthy relationships with clients
  • Highly developed written, communication, negotiation, and presentation skills
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