Tim Kami

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Andi Rahmat
Founder & Principal Designer at Nusae
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Dicky Sukmana
Founder at Nusae
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D. Cakraningrat Suraji
Studio Manager

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Graphic Design


Bandung, Indonesia

Company Size

1 – 50 employees

Manfaat Perusahaan

THR / Bonus system THR / Bonus system
Casual Dress Code Casual Dress Code
Paid Maternity / Paternity Leave Paid Maternity / Paternity Leave
Company Outings Company Outings

Hidup di NUSAE

Harmonizing Environmental Graphic Design

The environment that surrounds us consists of many elements that possess a certain influence toward one another. To create harmony within the environment, we formulize our design approach to serve a function of tuning those elements to be in unison. Only through that reciprocal relation of all the elements, the harmony within the environmental graphic design can be achieve

We seek to ensure that every individual contributes accordingly to the rules and agreement to achieve company objectives
Here, we work together to make the dream work
Our working environment prioritizes encouragement for employee's growth and development

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