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Prosperity for Everyone, by serving beyond lending products to the underserved.

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Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
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>100 employees
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Competitive Salary
Competitive Salary
THR / Bonus system
THR / Bonus system
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Period Leave
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International Exposure
Team Building Activity
Team Building Activity
Childcare Assistance
Childcare Assistance

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Andi Taufan Garuda Putra
Founder & CEO
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Alifa Kusuma SB
Senior Talent Acquisition


Amartha is the only fintech company in Indonesia focused on serving the underserved segments and considers sustainability initiatives to be an essential component of corporate risk management and profitability strategy. In that spirit, Amartha has set a sustainability goal of creating shared prosperity by implementing ethical lending practices, promoting sustainable financing, and supporting women's empowerment.

This commitment is also aligned with the internal policies of the company. Amartha strongly supports female employees to develop on a par with male employees (gender equality commitment) and provides special facilities for women to make women more comfortable at work, such as child care facilities and a comfortable breastfeeding place in the office.

  • WFA

Amartha also believes productivity is not limited by the place you are staying in. We give all employees the flexibility to choose whether to work from home or the office, even better, they can choose to Work From Anywhere!

  • Sense of Impact 

We believe what we've done at Amartha is meaningful and impactful for Indonesia. We do more than a job, we empower others. 

  • Parental Leave and Insurance

We genuinely care about our A-Team and their families. We provided all A-Teams with maternity leave, mother transition period, paternity leave, father transition period, miscarriage leave, and adoption leave. 

  • Worry-Free Talk and Counseling Program

We truly understand that our A-Teams mental health and well-being are important. That’s why we provided A-Team with Worry-Free Talk, a session designed for A-Team to talk about their struggles, challenges and problems at work. And Counseling Program, a program that supports A-Team with life difficulties with free and confidential counseling sessions with the psychologist.

Here, we work together to make the dream work
Our company is comprised of enthusiastic and positive-spirited people
Everyone should be treated with courtesy and professionalism